Indian summer in France

The weather cooperated very well for this image: a great Indian Summer in the Arsace region with 20-24 C en the typical soft light of late Autumn. The grape harvest was nearly done and in the small villages cart with remains of first pressing started softly fermenting.  Finding a cappuccino at 11:00 was a problem, finding a wine tasting not at all.


The image is taken from a low hill in the eastern foothills of the Alsace. We are looking into the valley which goes up again on the other side. The complete image not only shows the valley but also the landscape beyond the next hill (see small image).

ArFU blog Elzas 01

By cropping the image and removing the landscape beyond the next hill the image gets less depth and gets a more graphical style, with strong lines and a limited color palette. The cool distant landscape disappears and what remains are the warm Autumn colors.

No matter where you start, you will always follow the lines of the grapes and end at the trees in upper middle of the image.