Cupboard bed

The cupboard bed

This image is from a farmhouse build approximately in 1850. At the time of the image it was still as if in the early 20th century. Local council wanted it to be documented before modernization started.

The cupboard bed is in an old attic, the only light coming from a window above the cupboard bed. This beautiful light (on a sunny cold spring morning) has the disadvantage of highligthing every speck of dust that flutters up whenever you take a step on the old floorboards. Post-processing rmosd most of them.
Because the interior of the cupboard bed was dark a small permanent light was used to create the illusion of a bed lamp.

To the left and right of the bed was an amount of items placed. By cropping the image is kept 'clean' where only the children's drawing above the cupboard bed ad a light touch to the image.

This farm was documented by a number of architectural photographers. One of my colleagues often referrers to this image as 'Frans' cupboard'. He took one brief look on the attic and saw nothing interesting. Until he saw this image... Not to proof that I am a brilliant photographer (the reverse happens quit often as well) bu to show that differnet photographers have different views. Which is a good thing, otherwise we would only need one photographer to the whole planet.