Noordereiland - War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds

The series 'Noordereiland' aims to show the contrast between the classic architecture of the island and the modern architecture around it. The modern architecture, rising high above the island architecture, seems to overwhelm the island which resists like a small Gallic village...

One of the 'overwhelming' elements is the Erasmus bridge. Seen from the Prins Hendrikkade the pylon of the bridge more looks like the leg of a martian robot from  'War of the Worlds' a bridge pylon; perfectly showing the contrast between modern and classical architecture.In a more subtle way the bridge can be seen in the image of the Wilhelminafontein (small image).ArFU Noordereiland 14

Setting the images in black and white emphasizes the classical architecture. The lack of color prevents distraction from the architecture and lets the composition speak for itself.
The diagonal line from the roof into the image ensures that the focus of the viewer will always end at the contrast between classical and modern.

These images are part of the series  'Noordereiland'.