September on Sicily

Visualizing the heat

As the summer draws to an end, an image that oozes heat and drought. Sicily in September: 14 Days of 35C degrees and only rain on the last day.

How do you show that in an image? No buildings and no trees, no clouds, only a dry hill and rocky rims protruding through the soil.
Fortunately local farmers had build something of a road, and although it was no more the small stone walls lining the same soil it will do the trick.

On of the elements to build a composition is a diagonal perspective. It uses a diagonal line form the side of the image into the image to guide the viewer and to create depth in an image.
In this image it is the stone wall starting bottom left flowing into the image and up to the top of the hill. Starting from the corner of the image the effect is even stringer then when starting from another point of the side of the image.